Juno's first stiff handle (UTH45) SSUSA approved bat the "Arma Letale" features our revolutionary Silicone Carbon Fiber Connection Technology (patent pending) as well as our New MR-2 Advanced Carbon Composite barrel. That combined with an ergonomic Ultra-Thin Handle allows for the smoothest swings with an extreme amount of performance. The UTH45 handle allows for extreme precision through the swing plane, while offering a stiff handle with maximum performance, which we feel all hitters will enjoy. The Arma Letale is offered in 3 different swing weight distributions: Balanced, 1/4oz end load and 1/2oz end load. The end load is added on top of the natural bat weight (i.e. 25.5oz bat with 1/2oz end load will weigh ~26oz)These bats are manufactured to meet the SSUSA bat testing standards and are sure to turn heads on every swing! These bats are certified for use in Senior Softball play. This bat is SOLD AS-IS NO WARRANTY. If you're wanting any products shipped to an APO/FPO, please email CustomerService@junoathletics.com ***WE CURRENTLY DO NOT SHIP TO PO BOXES**

12.5" Juno Athletics "Arma Letale" UTH40 SSUSA

  • *** These are sold with NO Warranty (standard on Senior bats)*** Certified for SSUSA Slowpitch Play!
    12.5 Inch Barrel Length UTH45 provides a smooth swing with optimum stiffness & maximum perfermance
    6 weight options available (25.5oz Balanced, 25.5oz with 1/4oz end load, 25.5oz with 1/2oz end load, 26.5oz Balanced, 26.5oz with 1/4oz end load and 26.5oz with 1/2oz end load)