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                                           Juno Athletics Coin Reward Rules & Regulations

1. The following rules (referred to as "Terms and Conditions") form the basis of participation in the Juno Athletics Coin Rewards Program. Your Participation in this program will be goverened by these Terms and Conditions. It is your responsibility to read these Terms and Conditions so that you understand the Program's rules and benefits and your responsibilities under the Program. Your enrollment as a member of the Juno Athletics Coin Rewards Program and/or your use of your Juno Athletics coin constitutes your acceptance of the Program's Terms and Conditions.


2. Membership Programs are as follows:

           a. Juno Athletics Elite Loyalty Coin

                    i. Elite Member of Juno Athletics Community

                   ii. Coin must be present on you at all times. Here's why; you will be able to get 10% off at official Juno vendor trailers at all events they attend. You must have your coin on you to recieve your discount. If you're at an event and another loyal or elite member presents their coin to you, this starts the "Challenge". All members present must display their coin within 5 minutes or they lose the "Challenge". If all loyal or elite members are able to present their coins within the timeframe then the member who issued the "Challenge" is now the loser! Here's the kicker; the loser has to pick up the tab!


3. The benefits of the Program and intended and solely for the use of the person who purchased the coin ("Member"). All items purchased with this discount must be purchased by, and shipped to, the registered owner of the Elite Coin.


4. A member may NOT allow any other person to use his or her Juno Athletics Rewards coin or access his or her account rewards. Juno Athletics Rewards are non-transferrable.


5. All discounts are subject to review and verification by management.


6. Management reserves the right to adjust account status due to computer error, operator error, fraud or other misuse of the Juno Athletics Loyalty rewards.


7. All discounts are final unless otherwise allowed at the sole discretion of Juno Athletics Management.


8. The reselling of Juno Athletics coins is prohibited.


9. Juno Athletics reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time, for any reason, subject to any applicable regulatory approval.


10. By participatin in the program, members consent to the collection and use of member personal information in accordance with these rules and the Juno Athletics privacy policy, as it may be updated from time to time. The current privacy policy is available at

Juno Athletics Nickle Elite Coin

  • Juno Athletics Nickle Elite Coin

    Very limited offer and numbered series Nickel covered Juno Elite Coins. These coins allow you to get 10% off FOR LIFE at Official Juno Athletics Tents and Trailers, as well as 10% off FOR LIFE on Juno Athletics website. Please read the entirety of the description to understand the Terms and Conditions involved in being an Elite Member of the Juno Athletics Community.

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