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Ryan Harveys's 2024 signature 13.5" one piece design. Swing what the homerun king himself swings, The Vanquish comes with a UTH50 handle, the stiffest handle available on the market allowing for extreme precision through the swing plane. The Vanquish is offered in 5 different weight distributions: Balanced, 1/4oz end load, 1/2oz end load, 3/4oz end load, and a full 1oz end load. The end load is added on top of the natural bat weight (i.e. 26 with 1/2oz end load will weigh ~26.5oz). These Vanquish's are manufactured to meet the 2021 USSSA bat testing standards and are sure to turn heads on every swing! These bats are certified for use in USSSA, One Nation, ISA,  and NSA play.

Rep - (2024) 13.5" Juno Athletics "Vanquish" UTH50 USSSA

  • This bat is certified for USSSA, ONE NATION, ISA, and NSA Slowptich Play!

    13.5 Inch Barrel Length

    UTH 50 stiffest handles available on the market

    3 weight options available (25oz, 26oz,27oz)

    5 weight distribution options available from balanced through a full 1oz end load

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